HARO Link Building Service

Get quality backlinks from the world's most popular media outlets

HARO is one of the most valuable tools for businesses because the platform puts you in front of journalists who are actively looking for expert opinions. The reporter will link to your website in exchange for your industry knowledge, but you have to stand out from your competitors.

If you’re looking for a safe, white-hat strategy and white-hat links to boost your backlink profile, our HARO link building service is the right choice for you.

At The Link Building Experts, our outreach team specialises in HARO link building and can work with you to develop effective proposals and secure those vital links your business needs.

We’ll help you leverage this awesome platform to earn quality backlinks from high authority media channels and to enhance your website’s organic traffic and credibility.

How it all works

HARO (Help a reporter out) is an excellent way to attract links from high authority publications, which is very advantageous for your website’s SEO performance.

Of course, you can try launching a fully-fledged PR backlinks campaign to try and achieve the same results, but there is no guarantee it will work whereas HARO link building is very predictable because the reporters actually want your story.

The concept is simple – Journalists, reporters and bloggers are looking for expert sources on all manner of topics.

But getting coverage is far more complicated than sending out the odd reply when you see a suitable opportunity. A passive approach sees companies fail to build links despite investments in time and effort. 

Using a HARO link building service like The Link Building Experts is a good option to build branded links quickly. 

Say goodbye to backlink headaches and hello to HARO

Link building is a central part of marketing, and those who do it right can see incredible growth without spending a fortune. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competition to secure links on high authority websites, which is why you need a strategy in place.

That’s why we specialise in providing quality link building services such as HARO that drive more traffic to your site and increase your visibility. With a team of dedicated specialists working round the clock to get you the best links relevant to your business, we offer a full-service solution that won’t break your budget.

HARO - go for gold

Wouldn’t you like to get links from major publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Huff Post, USA Today and Cosmopolitan?

Every day, journalists at sites like the Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, and more use HARO to request expert insight for their stories. These requests are sent out in one of HARO’s many daily emails.

If a writer chooses to use your response, you’ll get a backlink from the website that published the article. HARO links benefit everyone: journalists write better stories backed up by experts, and you get high-quality links from an authoritative publication.

How to get those winning results

While not everyone is responding to press requests for the purposes of SEO, HARO has become a very popular platform.  Even though it is high-reward, HARO SEO is a highly-competitive method of link building. Everyone needs to be considered:

  • The readers
  • The reporters
  • The sources

Do everything right and you’ll be rewarded with really high-quality backlinks.

So, what is the catch you might be wondering? Well, here it is.

Link building with HARO demands time, resources, punctuality, and expertise. The competition is intense, and there’s a method that needs to be followed to leverage this platform to your advantage.

If done incorrectly, your chances of getting backlinks will be very low. 

However, if you use a highly experienced agency such as ours, you will reap the benefits in no time. We know exactly how to set your site up for success using the HARO platform. It’s an incredibly powerful way to build premium backlinks and get the best brand mentions.

To succeed on HARO you need to:

Respond very quickly

Some requests receive over 200 responses. If you can’t respond quickly (ideally within 30 minutes) your pitch will be lost in the sheer volume of responses that a journalist receives.

Provide compelling insight

Journalists are looking for relevant experts they can quote. This means your pitch needs to quickly demonstrate genuine expertise and include a short piece of copy that is uniquely insightful and relevant to their article topic.

Consistently pitch

It’s no use doing a couple of random pitches every month and hoping for the best. Our research shows that on average only 3-5% of pitches get used and include a link. This means for every 30 pitches you can expect at least one link. That might not sound like much, but that one link could be from a major publication.

HARO Link Building best practices

Journalists that use HARO often receive thousands of responses each day. The last thing you want to do is send them boring, generic responses.

The key towards getting your responses published and scoring backlinks is to add lots of value, be exciting and fresh in your approach. Here are some best practices that we utilise.


Be fast

Time is of the essence when building links with HARO. Queries are sent out at the same time, three times a day, from Monday through Friday. It’s vital that responses are sent out at the earliest opportunity. The later you send your query, the smaller your chance of getting published.

To put things into perspective, if a request is even 24 hours old, it’s already too late to respond.


Be relevant

The general rule of thumb is to respond to queries that are within your niche, and your expertise. When we send out responses, we aim to find queries that fit. The more relevant our responses are, the higher your chances of getting a link.

We also spend some time researching the media outlet we’re replying to. This further narrows down and gives us a clearer picture as to what they’re looking for.

This said, links from sites in related niches are still links, and if we think we can get you a quality link, we’ll do it.


Be succinct

We cannot stress this enough — it’s vital to keep the responses short and sweet. Your response may have substance, but if it lacks style, it’ll probably get rejected.

We’ve seen so many potentially good responses getting rejected just because they weren’t succinct enough.


Add value

The internet is littered with enthusiasts and armchair experts that don’t really have professional knowledge on the topics they claim to— journalists hate that.

Journalists and editors want to interact with people who genuinely know what they are talking about — someone with the credibility to have their words read by millions of people.


Get to the point

When we send out your queries, we get to the point and avoid waffling on.

Getting straight to the crux of the matter is super important if you want to get noticed by the journalists.

The idea is to focus more on quality and less on quantity; though the ideal length depends on the publication and the specific query, typically we get to the point with less than 200 words.


Include a bio, headshot and your website

Most journalists are clear about what they need from you to publish your comment.

Without a headshot and a compelling bio that clearly defines who you are and what you’re about, you’re unlikely to be quoted.

Of course, if you want a link, don’t forget to include your website address.

What not to do

A great advantage of hiring an agency to look after your HARO responses is that you’ll avoid many of the mistakes that people make when trying to earn backlinks from the platform, such as:


Replying to anonymous requests

Usually, anonymous requests come from low-authority websites or low domain rated websites that we don’t really want a link from. The idea is to get links from high-quality websites only.

Before crafting any replies, we always scrutinise the query to check where it’s coming from and whether it’s worth our time to send responses.


Replying late

As we’ve mentioned before, time is of the essence when responding to HARO requests. Even a delay of as little as 3 hours can cost you.

This is because journalists receive at least 50 responses in the first 3 to 4 hours of sending out their emails.


Failing to proofread

Everyone makes typos — even the best of us. However, sending out HARO responses with spelling/grammar errors is the last thing you want to do. We proofread every response that goes out to journalists.

Does link quantity matter?

When you work with a reputable link building agency like us, we’ll tell you that link quality is more important than quantity – and it’s true! You could have 5000 links from low authority websites that aren’t relevant to your industry at all, but a competitor has 50 links from influential sources.

They’ll rank higher than you. It’s not about how many links you have it’s about relevant links. Quality is everything, and our service revolves around sourcing links that will make a difference to your business.

Why should I choose The Link Building Experts over other link building companies?

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and started as SEO specialists in the late 1990s, so we’ve had a front-row seat for every Google algorithm change. Link building has evolved into a necessity for every website, and our expert team understand how to achieve the best possible results for each industry.

If you want excellent service, a link building company that will always go out of its way to deliver results beyond your expectations, then we’re confident you’ll be happy with us. Have a look at our website to view our other link building strategies.

Let us take care of it

Our highly trained team of outreach experts can do all the heavy lifting for you. Each day we check HARO for relevant requests and then craft engaging pitches. Our proven method takes the guesswork out of HARO link building by following the core principles.

 We know exactly what editors are looking for when they seek HARO contributions. We use the right formatting, length, details and tone to convert a much higher percentage of pitches into high quality, permanent backlinks to your site.

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Boosting your search engine rankings through quality links doesn’t have to be a headache, especially when you’ve got us on your side. Whether through guest posting, broken link building or manual outreach to relevant sites, we guarantee we’ll go out of our way to ensure you succeed.

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